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Usually we e-mail our newsletter members 1 new stock pick every 2 weeks. However, because the market is constantly changing, sometimes it may take us a little longer to find the next stock we think will be a great performer. We would rather take extra time in our research and send you a strong pick that we believe vs. moving too quickly and providing you a poor recommendation.
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How To Trade Penny Stocks?

For years traders have been trying to come up with a formula for trading penny stocks and small cap stocks consistently at profit. In today's stock market, penny stocks and small cap stocks (classically defined as stocks below $3 per share) are some of the most profitable as they require only a small financial outlay to reap huge profits. The key to making money with penny stocks is to find the right stock pick at the right time, just as it is starting its meteoric ascent, and not at the tail end of the action, where everyone has already jumped in and the price becomes too high; this is where our exclusive service comes into play.

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If you do not already have a trading account, we would suggest a penny stock friendly broker like Etrade - they have a flat rate commission no matter how many shares of stock you purchase.

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